Friday, November 2, 2007

26 days ...

it hit me yesterday that i'm leaving for cebu city, philippines in 26 days ... WOW!!

God has provided financial support for our team in amazingly wonderful ways! now we're down to the brass tacks of planning out our time there, then doing whatever prep is needed before we take off on 11/28. i'm hoping we'll nail the plan down this sunday when we meet with pastor les & 2 others from the church. it's gonna be FUN to start seeing the trip unfold before us.

at the beginning of october, our team did a day retreat on the lake. it was simple and incredible. we took a couple hours and each got a piece of dirt somewhere to read the Word and talk with God. it was a glorious day & His presence was real and powerful. i found myself crying a bit as i realized our time with God was up .... and i've been craving more time like that since then.

so YAY for thanksgiving weekend being right before our trip. that will give me a chance to steal away again (hopefully to some peaceful woods or lake) and simply be STILL with God.

my wonderful friend kathy will be back in town tomorrow. she's sold her place here and will be packing, closing and heading back north to KS in a few days. i'm looking forward to just hanging out with her while she's here; we always find a million random things to talk about and i've missed her tons!